Stained glass

A JavaScript library to create astonished geometrical pictures based on real ones.

Stained glass example

A d3.js experiment to bridge art and code.

Available on bower and npm.

Website Code

Cupider Cupider

Retired! :-(

An Ionic app for Android and iPhone inspired by Tinder, but to match your friends in need!

Developped with Maxime Thoonsen and Nicolas Bazire, based on an idea of Lucie Notaro, with the help of Romain Marcillaud. Design by my lovely flatmates, Lucas Parisot and Ambre Leca.

Website Android app iOS app

Devops Metrix

An AngularJS and D3.js visualisation realized with Jean-Rémi Beaudoin and Adlen Afane during a hackathon organized by Société Générale about inventing tomorrow's IT department's tools.

It's a dashboard representing in one screen the DevOps state of a projects' wallet. It's meant to display project's agility metrics in a single view to help IT heads encourage good actions in the path of transforming project's to new standards and to stimulate development team to become always more agile than they're now.

See the project's demo, take a look to the Github repository and read the blog article about the hackathon.

Gulp: the modern frontend factory

A brief gitbook to share what I learned about Gulp and provide useful tasks to developers that could need help starting with this amazing tool.

Read the book and discuss it on Reddit.

Code like a #FashionVictim

A quick presentation for colleagues of a big firm to introduce them to awesome alternative languages like Coffeescript, Jade and LESS.

Student's leaflet

Master design of the document presenting student's life @ Télécom ParisTech to school's applicants (editions 2011, 2012 and 2013). Realized with Adobe InDesign.

Visit 2013 website

Hardware game-coding

A one-week intense project of Télécom ParisTech (during first year) to develop from scratch a game on FPGA platform with Verilog language. Realised with Clément Péron and Jérémy Sauget. Professors : Alexis Polti & Samuel Tardieu.

Students' union campaign (communication)

Ran for the students' union of Télécom ParisTech (2011). Develop and manage the communication of a list of 14 people, sponsored by CommentCaMarche.net, Aastraa, Numericable, Parrot, U Man Cola, etc. That was a really great experience, working with an amazing team! And we nearly got elected ;)

Présentation du logo TélétubBED from David Nowinsky