Gulp: the modern frontend factory

Development watcher and server

Like Brunch, Gulp can help you watch your file changes and serves them to some localhost:port address while you're developing.

npm install --save gulp-watch gulp-serve'

serve = require 'gulp-serve'

gulp.task 'watch',
['build'], # After all build tasks are done
-> parameters.app_path + '/**/*.coffee', ['coffee' ] parameters.app_path + '/**/*.(less|saas)', ['styles', 'manifest', 'references'] # Manifest and references task is necessary if these files are versioned parameters.app_path + '/*.jade', ['jade', 'references'] # References task only for files that contain references (but are not versioned, typically index.(jade|html)) parameters.app_path + '/*/**/*.jade', ['templates'] parameters.assets_path, ['assets'] 'bower.json', ['vendors']
gulp.task 'serve', ['build'], serve parameters.web_path

gulp serve launch your server, gulp watch rebuild your files when needed.